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Bet you never thought you could have a REAL Medical Doctor come to your school and present a fun and educational assembly program, did ya?



Well, in this all new show for the 2011-2012 school year:

   Dr. Funny Bone's

Your students will learn topics such as:

why nutrition is important,

the germ theory,

how the body works,

and so much more!

As an active medical professional, Dr. Funny Bone will provide your students with cutting edge information on topics they need to know.  For example, did you know?

  1. ·       Obesity among children has tripled over the past 3 decades, therefore it is vital that we teach children early to form healthy food habits.

  2. ·        Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold which can be prevented by simple proper hand washing.

  3. ·        Smoking causes almost half a million deaths per year in the U.S. and each day over 3,000 teenagers try their first cigarette.

·        Entertaining and educational – The children will learn these topics and more in a non-threatening and entertaining way.  When kids are having fun and enjoying themselves they are much more receptive to the ideas and messages being presented.

·        Magic Kids love magic.  Magic is the vehicle I find best to illustrate the key points so that when the children remember the magic trick, they remember the message as well.

·        Audience interaction –Kids don’t want to just sit and watch, they want to join in the fun and as you know, when they’re involved, they’re learning.  This high energy program definitely gets kids involved.

·        Follow-up – Your school will be provide with our complete Dr. Funny Bone’s  HEALTHY HAPPY KID ACTIVITY KIT full of games, puzzles and additional Health and Safety information that will help your faculty continue your students education long after the show is over.  You will also have access to “Dr. Funny Bones Health and Safety Tip of the Week” via email AND his new web TV channel,


Right before your very eyes a handkerchief magically transforms into an egg, as Dr. Funny Bone teaches students how the energy our body needs comes from the food we eat. Kids learn how to eat healthier by seeing the RIGHT FOODS appear and disappear!




No one likes being sick in bed, right?  Well Dr. Funny Bone shares important tips with kids on how they can prevent getting sick by properly washing away those yucky nasty germs! In fact, kids get to see where germs come from and even get to do some magic of their own by making them vanish into thin air!


Students will walk away from The Healthy Happy Kid Show knowing they can overcome being afraid of change. Dr. Funny Bone empowers kids to be comfortable with who THEY are as they watch one of their fellow classmates set aside their fear and FLOAT IN THE AIR!

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